“You Know When You Sometimes Wake Up From A Dream And You’re Like ‘Fuck!! That Wasn’t Real’ Well This Time I Woke Up And It WAS Real” – Jonny S

 With high risk comes high reward, and for Jonny Silverstein’s vision of Toronto’s newest premier Tattoo & Piercing shop The Village Ink, the young entrepreneur has chosen to stand out as opposed to fit in. Priding themselves on creative excellence and technical innovation, Rkulture recently visited the shop and had an opportunity to meet with some of the staff and speak with the mastermind behind it all.

What was the creative inspiration behind The Village Ink?

The creative inspiration behind The Village Ink has a lot to do with my visits to many tattoo shops around the world, I wanted to create a tattoo shop unlike any other I’ve ever seen. Our environment is clean, happy, and really bright. I didn’t want to flood the walls with art and drawings, so we went with an eye-catching digital wallpaper throughout the space. Our shop is really inviting and a great fit in the Yorkville neighborhood.

Why did you choose Yorkville as your desired location?

I chose Yorkville for the tattoo shop because I grew up in the area, and I have a entrepreneurial mind. That being said, I’m an avid collector of tattoos so when I was thinking about my next venture I thought ‘What better place than Yorkville for a tattoo shop’ –  Its never been done and with the demographic of tattoos changing on a daily basis, it all just made sense to me.

Tell people about your services and what separates you from other shops.

Here at The Village Ink, our talented staff is here to help assist you from the moment you walk through the front door. Our interior layout was designed in such a way to breed creativity in a professional and clean environment. We love jumping into the head of each client, striving for the perfect custom design. With each brilliant artist on staff having different strengths, we are able to direct you down the right path for achieving the correct fit. Everything is created custom just for you… From your imaginative tattoo design or if you are looking to purchase a custom made piece of body jewelry, we’ve got you covered. We also have incredibly talented piercing specialists that will WOW you with their friendly knowledge and expertise. It’s all about developing that personal understanding for each and every client to feel like they are at home. As we say… ‘You think it, we ink it’. I look forward to everyone coming by to meet the team and see our unbelievable studio.

How has the response been thus far?

We have had an incredible and strong response from the public thus far. We are booking handfuls of tattoos and consults every day. When the weather gets a little warmer, I plan to have an opening party that will get the entire city talking about The Village Ink.

Do you plan on expanding in the near future?

We may have some plans of expanding in the near future. If you can keep a secret, I’ll tell you that before you know it, there will be 2 more shops locally as well as Vancouver, Los Angeles, Miami, Italy, and Hong Kong. Those international ones won’t be in the near future, but in the plans, no doubt.

What are your goals and expectations for The Village Ink in 2015?

In 2015, I expect to make The Village Ink a household name. My goals are very simple, I’d like to grow the brand of The Village Ink and I just want to make people happy. I want my employees and all our clients to have an unforgettable experience here. For me personally, my goals and expectations are easily obtainable.

How can people stay connected and contact you guys?

People can stay connected with us through our Facebook page, Instagram, Google+, and Twitter. They can also visit our website at www.thevillageink.com. People are always welcome to call or email the shop at 647.343.4949 or Joseph@Thevillageink.com with any questions or concerns.

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Thank you to the entire Village Ink team!