Written by: Daniel Matos 

Travi$ Scott made a swift entrance into the music industry and continues to produce and distribute some of the largest tracks for the biggest names. The young engineer/producer/artist has tapped into a sound and work ethic that can only label the Houston Texan as gifted. The unique sounds can be heard on many albums such as Magna Carta, Yeezus, and Cruel Summer, which ultimately landed Travi$ a seat at G.O.O.D Music’s table. The unique sounds and visuals that Travi$ conjures have been heavily compared to Kanye West and Kid Cudi. Ego aside, Kanye West is a very talented artist who has been delivering heavy hitters in the industry allowing for ageless classics that will always get people bobbing and singing along to a catchy melodies. Kid Cudi has been known for his lax style and obscure sounds that will always have an audience screaming his lyrics at the top of their lungs with both hands in the air. Travi$ Scott is a perfect blend of West and Cudi creating the full beats that are considered “new age” and stand out to an industry that has been engulfed with drill music and club hitters. With that being said, Travi$ is still able to deliver punches with his full 808’s bassy enough to vibrate the hair off your head. Now label mates with the two producers, Travi$ is in his element and able to contribute his vision with a team that feels oh so right with big names backing him. It seems now though that Kanye has been utilizing the young Houston’s talents. You all knew this was coming. That’s right. I’m talking about Yeezus. I’m not going to say this was a bad album, but if I told you it was what I expected from Kanye you’d have to call me a liar. It’s a 180. It took me time to like and appreciate the album to finally put it in the category of “Next” material. If you look in the album credits, the name Travi$ Scott is littered throughout showing that he played a large roll in contributing to the record. Is Yeezus the outcome of two creative minds coming together? One this is for sure, Kanye used a Travi$’ style. It’s no secret now that Travi$ is a heavy influence and can almost see the future of the hip hop industry. What sealed my opinion is when I heard that Travi$ contributed to Jay Z’s Magna Carta adding a whole new track after the album was said to be completed. This is a huge accomplishment for a 2013 XXL Freshman but it still feels like these big artists are releasing sounds that Travi$ has already been aware of. Owl Pharaoh was Travi$ Scott’s first legitimate offering to the world, which he is still touring off of to this day. While his popularity with his peers continues to grow and his influential sound clearly heard more on other artists records,  Owl Pharaoh still feels unnoticed to the masses. It contains all the aggressive sounds and gritty production quality that will introduce and absorb you into the world that is “La Flame” and if definitely worth checking out if haven’t already. What do you guys think? Do you think Kanye is guilty of stealing sounds?

The city will be getting a treat May 7 at The Opera House where Travi$ will be preforming an energetic and interactive set that you will not want to miss.

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