It always brings me joy when individuals from their hometown who truly care about a craft come together and collaborate to create something special that is meant to help push the culture forward. With that being said, meet Zambah, Toronto’s first music streaming hub.

As the first of it’s kind in Canada, Toronto-based company Zambah is looking to become the leading streaming company for new musicians, new trends and new tastemakers. 

How, you may ask? Zambah is a social network that focuses on the discovery and curation of emerging audio content, and delivers great tools for new and emerging artists to help them showcase their work and gain fans. Zambah also offers artists the opportunity to get their music to a desired audience by allowing them to submitting music to influential public figures and brands that we like to call Tastemakers.

What is it exactly, click here to learn more, and find out a little bit more about Zambah below.

“I was inspired to work on Zambah because I was getting frustrated with how difficult it became to find good music from unheard of artists. I felt like all of the available audio streaming platforms were more concerned about serving me music from popular artists that I already know. Who says I don’t want to listen to a dope track from Billy with a guitar and only 100 followers? The music we listen to should never be solely based on popularity contests or the amount of followers an artist has because only the quality of music should matter. I want to take it back to true music lovers finding great tunes from other music lovers.” – Ken Asafo, Co-Founder of Zambah

Congratulations to all involved!