The creative expressions Sean Leon has been delivering this year have been as innovative and intriguing as it gets. Back with a bag of new music and visuals, check it all out below.

Adding to his LIFEMOVIE.FILM project, Sean Leon returns with a new video for the previously released “September 7th”, off his 2014 EP King of the Wild Things.

This follows the recent release of his short film “Took A Train To Find The Words” which acts as a double music video for “GOD MC 9:05 PM EST” and “BY MYSELF 9:11 PM EST”.

“Staring in the mirror can be hard sometimes but true self-understanding comes from moments of clarity that we’re blessed with only after cathartic conversations with self.” – noel

“Since becoming a father I haven’t had much time to myself. I went to go visit my mom back in the east end, which is about a 30 minute car ride from Toronto or an hour via a solitary train ride on which I was blessed with the space needed to reflect. I was able to have a conversation with myself I hadn’t been able to have prior to that excursion because of responsibilities and my environment and things like that but yeah, I was able to gain some clarity on myself and have been reaping the benefits of that communication ever since. I wanted to document that. I wanted to show the viewer how many times I might talk to myself on any regular night within the span of 6 minutes.” – sean leon