Presented by: Embrace | Review by: Brandon Benguaich 

On Thursday May 1st, an Angel arrived in Toronto. Detroit born rapper, Angel Haze performed to a full room at the Hoxton, complete with plenty of dancing and thick bass lines. The night began with DJs, Sybil. When I first entered the venue, I did not realize Sybil was performing, I thought they were merely DJs spinning music, as the night progressed, they began playing some good mixes, including plenty of Beyoncé. They were good, but I would have liked some interaction with the crowd, I had no idea who they were until later in their set, but they managed to keep the crowd entertained with their beat juggling, scratching, and mixing. By 10:14, the crowd was chanting “Angel Haze, Angel Haze,” everyone was there for one reason, to experience the socially conscious and talented Angel Haze. Immediately, Angel grabbed the crowd’s attention, Angel Haze knows how to perform and how to captivate an audience. In fact, she is like no other musician, she made good use of the stage, moving around and dancing, at one point she brought up fans to dance on stage while she rapped. Later in the show Angel Haze walked through the crowed, I was about 2 feet from her while she continued to rap and sing, a versatile performer. To top it off, Angel Haze flawlessly rapped and sang to the beats provided by her DJ, who improvised some scratching on the spot. Angel performed many of her popular songs, you could tell because most people there knew the lyrics. Her style is similar to other American rappers, but with her own twist, she can sing and rap effortlessly. As someone who has never seen Angel Haze before, I had a great time. You can tell she really cares about her fans, what other artist would actually leave the stage to be with their fans? Angel Haze is an impressive figure an inspiration to all trying to make it at their own craft. Next time she is in town, go check her out.

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