An entrance door unseen by most… a dark narrow staircase…a dim lit room draped in Christmas lights….and hip-hop….


This was the setting for a Thursday night hip-hop show on College Street. I was in attendance to see the headlining act, unaware that I would also witness other local acts that I had not yet seen or heard before. (Salute to them) However, the night belonged to the closer’s, Flex & Sha Prince whom collectively are known as The Antiheroes.


It was my first chance to see them both headline an intimate act and I was immediately impressed by their stage presence and work ethic. The duo showcased older and current material and even offered some solo hits that had the crowd vibing along. The energy brought forth by both was prominent and spread throughout the venue as people gravitated closer and closer away from the bar and to the stage as the set progressed. Flex and Sha garnered the respect by all in attendance and provided more reassurance that Toronto has an incredible amount of talent on the rise.

Be sure to also download ‘Modern Day Riot’ here.
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